Wednesday, March 2, 2016

We are very happy to have been featured in our NATIONAL TRADE MAGAZINE, PICTURE FRAMING MAGAZINE. 


The Lamination Preservation Gallery is celebrating 20 years
of serving the wholesale market, producing products for
several Fortune 500 companies, and supporting countless
charities. Michelle Momot and Scott Clark began offering a
laminated plaque and box frame service in 1995 for the
wholesale and retail market from a small retail space in
Albany, NY.  Lamination Preservation moved in 1998 to a
newly renovated location.

Part of Lamination Preservation’s success is based on
keeping up with the ever-changing market, with frame
moldings and large format digital printing now part of the
product line.   Another new service is professional 

photography.  “In studio, on location, or in the air, we will shoot
anywhere,” says Clark.

For more information, call 518-464-8933 or visit the
new website,

Monday, February 8, 2016

Lamination Preservation Gallery - 20 Years of Creating Fantastic Art


“Custom Laminating, Mounting, Framing & Printing”

Monday, February 8, 2016
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Contact: Scott A. Clark, Manager
Lamination Preservation
6005 State Farm Road
Guilderland, N.Y. 12084
(518) 464-8933, Fax: 452-8002


GUILDERLAND- NEW YORK                                                                                             
In the fall of 1995 it all began. Michelle Momot and Scott Clark began offering a laminated plaque and boxframe service for the wholesale and retail market in Albany, N.Y. and beyond. This was not just a small business upstart, but a journey through two decades of serving their community, developing long term friendships and supporting countless charities.

Girl Scouts, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, 9-11 Spouses and Children’s Fund, FDNY-NYPD, Wounded Warrior Project and spearheading two trailer loads of relief for the victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey as well as personally delivering a van load of toys to Union Beach three days before Christmas so the children would have something on Christmas morning.” We’ve found that public service not only warms our hearts, but helps you get through stressful times”, said Clark. They feel that when operating a business, it’s your duty to give back and lend a hand whenever possible.

All that is described above stems directly from leasing three hundred square feet of retail space in the second largest mall in New York State. Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Clark and Momot packed the small space with ready to hang novelty and fine art posters. The placement in an open area between two major department stores was a high traffic area and we made sure our space was well lit. The response was huge and led to their first major business decision.

In January of ’96 the pair re-signed with the mall moving into a 2500 square foot storefront. Lamination Preservation would spend three years within the mall, outgrowing their space once again and into 3800 square feet.

In the fall of ’98 Clark and Momot decided to leave the seven day a week mall setting behind. They moved three miles down the road into a newly renovated strip plaza located at one of the busiest intersections in New York’s capital district. The pair would operate Lamination Preservation for ten years at that spot with much success.

Part of that success is being able to keep up with an ever changing market and make changes when necessary. During the ten year stint Clark and Momot would watch their ready to hang sales shrink while the custom laminating and mounting was growing for the local market and their national wholesale business would become a large part of the operation. Frame moldings were added to the product line as well as large format digital printing, to the delight of their customer base.

Today, the Lamination Preservation Gallery still operates within four miles of where they began. They enjoy a strong local following, with the majority of their business in the wholesale market and a strong presence producing product for the State of New York as well as several  fortune 500 companies. A new service recently added is professional photography. “In studio, on location, or in the air, we will shoot anywhere”, says Clark.

One of the most difficult and interesting projects was a giant multi-piece wall mural for the oldest armory in the country. It was a two year project, from concept to installation with all components designed and created by Lamination Preservation. Michelle Momot is now a photo shop expert! And the journey continues…

A new web site can be viewed at
For information please call 464-8933

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